At Morgan Davies Bridal we believe that the accessories are the perfect way to finish an outfit, showcasing the bride and her gown to their best potential. We have every kind of veil, from soft and simple, to lacey and embellished, to veils adorned in ultra-modern embroidery. At both wedding dress boutiques, we offer bespoke veil services, with brides having the option to design their own custom embroidery to truly personalise their veil, which they will cherish forever. In the London store, we offer a complete bespoke veil service where brides can pick from a selection of fine tulles and lace edging to design their own.

Morgan Davies Bridal also showcase hair accessories, tiaras, pins and combs for every bride. Our Jewellery selection does not stop at the hair, also showing earrings, necklaces, belts and bracelets from a wide range of designers. Whether you have envisaged wearing diamantes, pearls or fresh flowers we have something for every bride.

The underwear that goes beneath your gown is so important, so we offer a wide range of shapewear, bras, cups and tape to make you feel comfortable and to ensure your gown fits you perfectly.

We also offer storage/flight boxes that are perfect for a bride travelling with her dress or storing it afterwards. This durable box is in the dimensions of hand luggage so that you can keep your gown beside you at all times!

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