Wedding Day Facts Every Bride Should Know About

Even if you’ve been to 50 weddings and been a bridesmaid at 20 of them, there are a number of aspects of a wedding day that you never truly experience until it’s your own. While everyone you know will tell you about how quickly the day goes, what essential items you need and the difficulty of the day going off without a hitch, here are our top wedding day facts people don’t always tell you about.

Pre-walk nerves

While feeling a little anxious the morning of your big day, don’t be surprised if the 10 minutes before you walk down the aisle the nerves really kick in. Well, it’s unsurprising, really; you’re minutes away from walking down the aisle before everyone you love and make the biggest decision of your life. Those nerves will vanish, though, as soon as you see your other half smiling/crying/dancing at the other end of the aisle – and suddenly you remember this is the most exciting experience of your life, not the most nervous.

Entering Church

Enjoy the ceremony 

You could be forgiven for thinking the real fun of your wedding day begins at the reception. But when you’re taking part in the ceremony, with all the tradition and emotion that comes with it, all thoughts of dancing to the Spice Girls with your bridesmaids will disappear. Remember to try to take in every second of the ceremony, because that’s ultimately where the memories will come from.

Bride and Groom

You’ll definitely cry

 This probably won’t come as a huge surprise but you’re going to cry, and you’re going to cry lots. Whether it’s when you’re putting on your dress, walking down the aisle, listening to your dad’s speech, the waterworks are going to hit you countless times throughout the day. So, the best thing to do is be prepared. Store some tissues nearby, make sure to wear waterproof makeup, maybe even consider getting eyelash extensions. It also pays to keep some mascara and lipstick readily available for quick touch-ups.

Bride crying

But you’ll smile so much your face hurts

 As well as the crying, though, you’ll probably find that you do more smiling on your wedding day than you’ve managed throughout your entire life. While there is the obvious joy of the special day, there is also the small matter of the photographs. So, as well as sore feet on your wedding night, you may find your face hurts as well from all the smiling.

You’ll need some ‘you’ time

Whether it’s time with your new husband or just time on your own, there will be a point in the day when you just want to take a moment away from the festivities and being the centre of attention. In fact, some of the most memorable parts of your day may well be you and your partner just sat in your room or at the church taking in everything that has just happened.

Time Alone

Photography by Fabio Mirulla

Leave the planning at the door

It’s highly likely that you’ve been planning this big day for months, if not years. From the flowers to the catering, the band to the dress, every detail will have occupied your mind for a long time. But it’s important to remember that the focus of all that work has been for this day to be the best of your life. So, leave the running of the day to someone else, you just make sure you take every second in and have fun.