Unique Wedding Anniversary Ideas

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, it can seem as though the event is celebrated each year by simply going out to dinner. While we might all have grand plans throughout the year, it can seem as though all those go out of the window in favour of heading out to a favourite restaurant to celebrate this special occasion. There is also the cost factor associated with anniversaries, which can force some couples to settle for a quiet night in front of the television if on a tight budget.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

The truth is, there is a range of inexpensive and exciting ways for you and your significant other can toast another 12 months together and properly celebrate an anniversary.

Recreate your wedding menu

 A great way of spending time with your loved one is cooking together. So why not spend your anniversary having a laugh and a giggle with your partner in the kitchen, maybe even recreating your wedding day menu or the first meal you ate together as a couple. While you might not be able to perfectly replicate the complicated menu you enjoyed on your wedding day, it’s certainly a fun way of spending an afternoon. And if you’re feeling super confident, how about trying to recreate your wedding cake.

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Relive your first date

 You might have to delve back into your memory bank for this but one unique anniversary activity is to relive your first date as a couple. Your first date might have been spent in a romantic restaurant before taking a moonlit stroll through the city. Or perhaps enjoying an all-you-can-eat Chinese meal before watching a terrible Adam Sandler film at the cinema. Whichever one it is, there is a lot of joy to be had from reliving the start of your adventure as a couple.

Do something new

If you’re looking at making it a particularly memorable anniversary, why not try something completely different. Rather than a night at your favourite restaurant, why not throw a dart at a map of the UK and spend a weekend there, or head into the skies on a hot air balloon ride. There is something to be said for drinking champagne with your loved one while floating around hundreds of feet above the ground.

Anniversary photo shoot

 Ensure you have a record of your anniversary by enjoying your very own personal photo shoot. You don’t need to pay for a photographer, just grab your smartphone and head to some of your favourite places near where you live. It could be the location of your first kiss, the church where you got married or somewhere that holds fond memories for you both. Why not ask a passer-by to take a couple of shots and make yourself an anniversary album.

Just be together

 When all is said and done, an anniversary should be about spending time with your partner. Book the day off work, lock your phones in a draw, ignore your email, and just spend some quality time together. No frills, no expense, just you and your partner celebrating your wedding anniversary in pyjamas.

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