How to store your wedding dress

How long did you spend looking for your wedding dress? Brides invest a lot of time in finding the dress of their dreams, so if you are planning to keep your gown after the big day, it’s important to look after it.

In this post we’re going to share our top tips on properly caring for your wedding dress.


Cleaning your wedding dress

You should take your gown to the dry cleaners as soon as possible after the wedding. Ideally get somebody to organise it while you are on honeymoon! The longer you put off getting your dress cleaned, the greater the chances that any stains will, over time, set and become even harder to remove. If you can’t organise for the gown to be cleaned before you leave, just make sure it’s kept in a cotton dress bag. This will make sure the garment can breathe.



It’s worth adding in the cost of dry cleaning and a wedding box into your overall budget. Make sure your dress is kept away from light, damp or heat. We recommend you buy acid free tissues to pack around your gown, this helps to maintain the right PH level. Find a wedding dress box that’s sturdy and will last a lifetime. The box will eliminate light and protect your dress from dirt and dust.  Suitable boxes can be bought from the Empty Box Company who can provide all the packaging materials too.


Empty Box Company



We would recommend checking on your wedding dress every 8 to 14 months. This is mostly for your own peace of mind and to check that nothing has happened to your gown. To avoid any permanent creasing, you should re-pack your dress once every 12 to 18 months.

At Morgan Davies Bridal, we would recommend Upstage Dry Cleaners in Islington or Terrington Burchett for your cleaning and boxing.