Advice for Curvier Brides

With most UK brides being between a size 14 and 16, we spoke to the Manager of our Hitchin boutique to share some shopping tips for buying the right gown for a curvier figure.


When you are going to try on your wedding dress, make sure you have the right underwear. For us, we recommend a well-fitting bra and briefs, or a bridal basque (which we have for you to try) if appropriate for the dress. Some brides-to-be choose to wear control briefs for their first bridal appointment, to smooth out any lines but also give you more confidence; you’ll stand up straighter and feel better.

Allure Dublin for the Curvier bride

Allure ‘Dublin’


It’s difficult to determine the right silhouette for a curvier figure, because we all come in very different shapes and sizes; apples, pears and any fruit in between!

With so many bridal designers to choose from it can be confusing, so our experienced consultants will help you determine your body type during the first appointment. Curvy girls tend to think they need an empire waist to give a flattering silhouette, but this really isn’t true.  A well-defined waistline on the dress can make the most of a curvy figure, and make the waist look very trim. Yes, a pear shape should generally avoid tight fishtail gowns, but it’s all about your sense of style.

A-line dresses give a taller appearance and draw the eye down the silhouette. Most gowns that have cross-over waist details will be very flattering for every bride.



Maggie Sottero ‘Harmony’

Lena by Maggie Sottero great for curvier brides

Maggie Sottero ‘Lena’

Shop for your current silhouette

Don’t be tempted to keep postponing looking for your dress until you have lost weight, if you leave it too late then you may not have time to take delivery of the dress that you really want.  Delivery times can take up to 6 months.  Whatever your shape there will be a dress that really makes you look and feel fabulous!

We spoke to nutritional expert Sarah May  who warned of the dangers of certain exercises and how they can dramatically change your shape. An example of this is how running can increase inches around your ribcage. It’s best to shop for the shape you are today.

 Materials and structure

We would generally advise against shiny materials because they can reflect the light and make you look larger. Asymmetrical pleating or draping will accentuate your waistline and compliment your curves by drawing the eye to the narrowest part of your body. Embellishments and subtle detailing will visually slim your silhouette without losing any of the drama your gown creates.

MAGGIE SOTTERO ELENA good for the curvier bride

Maggie Sottero ‘Elena’

Structure is your ultimate friend. Illusion necklines are great for giving the support needed for a larger bust without compromising on style. If you’re happy to show a little cleavage, sweetheart necklines work really well and V necklines can be very flattering.  It’s best to avoid high necklines in a solid fabric which can make a full bust look larger.

To see our current collection of dresses with size 16+ samples look here.

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