When it comes to your wedding day, there are numerous accessories that you need to be perfect. But before thinking about getting your hands on something old, something new, something borrowed, and then searching high and low for something blue, the accessories you need above everything else are your bridal shoes.

Now, unless you’re a true shoeaholic, you’re going to have probably found your dress by the time you begin shopping for shoes. Traditionally, brides would opt for heels, although that has changed somewhat in recent years, with flat shoes becoming more widely used by those women not keen on spending a large portion of their special day uncomfortable.

So, let’s have a look at just why brides are beginning to turn to flat shoes rather than heels for their wedding day.


The main reason why brides opt for flat shoes ahead of heels for their bridal shoes is simple, in the same way wearing slippers for five hours is a lot more comfortable than walking around on stilts. Now, while you might not go so far as to pop on your Olaf from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ slippers on for your wedding day, just wearing a pair of simple flats will do wonders for your feet. With all the walking expected of a bride on her wedding day, a pair of reliable flat shoes could end up saving your feet so that you’ll still able to dance enthusiastically until 5am.

Not on Show

Most women wear heels in order to make their legs look slimmer and longer, as well as feeling more glamorous. Well, with most wedding dresses being long, nobody is going to see your legs throughout the day, and it’s hard to feel more glamorous than on your wedding day. So, why would you wear anything other than flats? For those pictures you might want of your bridal shoes for the album, simply buy a nice pair of heels that you are likely to wear again.

Wedding Flats - Sparkly Shoes 1


Keep your feet

There are few thoughts that keep brides-to-be awake at night in the run-up to their wedding day quite like falling over in front of everyone, especially when walking down the aisle. Looking as good as you ever have done, walking down the aisle past all your friends, family and those relatives your mum made you invite, and then you trip over on your heels and head butt the vicar. The reality is that this is unlikely to happen, unless you did something really bad in a previous life, but why take the chance.


Wedding Flats 2


Possibly the most important aspect of your wedding day is for your outfit to reflect your personality. If you don’t wear high heels the other 364 days a year, why wear them on your wedding day. You might think you are expected to look like a Disney princess, from the tiara to the glass heels, but if you’re more comfortable and confident in a pair of Converse, why not wear them?


While it’s clear that there are plenty of positives when it comes to choosing flats over heels, the choice is ultimately yours, possibly with a helping hand from your bridesmaids and mother. But if you really want to enjoy your day and not worry about painful feet come 6 o’ clock, we say just go with a nice pair of flats for your bridal shoes.

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