Tamara & Christopher. Mobile Image

Tamara & Christopher


Venue: Hamilton Island, Whitsundays

Photographer: Simon Hutchen

Tell us about your experience at Morgan Davies Bridal: My experience at Morgan Davies Bridal was very pleasant and enjoyable. I was able to design my own dress by using the dresses from the Jesus Piero collection. In the end, my dress was a true reflection of my personality and made me feel like a real princess for a day.

Tell us about your wedding!: Chris and I got married on Hamilton Island. A beautiful island at the Whitsundays, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef. We were surrounded by all our loved ones and the wedding went very smoothly. Our theme for the wedding was "elegant ocean", so we used a lot of ocean elements (e.g. shells, sand, palm tree leaves etc.) to decorate our wedding. My vision for the dress was to mimic a beautiful white pearl.