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Dear the Mogan Davis Team,


I just wanted to say a massive thank you!

Now we are back on our feet after our wonderful wedding on the 9th October 2022 and had a brilliant honeymoon we have had time to breath and decompress.


I needed to tell you all just how much you did to make me feel special. From my first visit, I think over 2 years ago, where I went dress shopping with my mum, to my final visit when I came to pick up my dress. Everything was perfect!


Your stylists took the time to listen to me and understand what I did and did not want from a dress. Your team put me in dresses I thought I'd love and didn't, and instead of letting me get disheartened you encouraged me to try something different. In the end you put me in a dress I would never have considered, IT HAD SLEEVES, I didn't think I wanted them! But the moment I was in it, I knew! Before my mum even saw me in it, this was the dress, and luckily she agreed! You even got me in a veil! I loved it all, I felt special but also like me!


Also much closer to the wedding, you were so accommodating, allowing me to show my bridesmaids my dress, and allowing them to try on the outfits too, to allow me to see the whole bridal party together. Your team was so patient with us! And it truly helped calm my anxiety.


My husband also adored my dress!


I have attached some photos of our wedding taken by our wonderful photographer Elizabeth Young (https://www.elizabethyoungphotography.co.uk/) as I thought you may like to see your beautiful dress!


We have also written a very positive review on Hitched, I hope you continue to help many brides as wonderful as you helped me!


So many thanks,

Tallulah (and Jonathan) Sallabank