Tiziana Donoghue Wins Wedding Dress

Earlier this year, we celebrated Valentine’s day by giving one lucky bride-to-be the opportunity to win her wedding dress in our February sample sale.

The designers on show in the sale included Jesus Peiro, Cortana, Eliza Jane Howell, Tarik Ediz, Annasul Y, Augusta Jones, Anna Georgina, Lusan Mandongus, Maggie Sottero, Cymbeline, Anna Kara, Marco & Maria, Novia d’Art and many more.

The winner was the beautiful Tiziana Donoghue who wore Maggie Sottero. We’ve caught up after the ceremony to hear more about her experience.

How did you hear about Morgan Davies and what made you want to visit?

My wonderful maid of honour Roula booked a surprise appointment at the beautiful Morgan Davies boutique in Clerkenwell; she knew the shop and she knew I would be very pleased with the selection of dresses, as I was looking for something very light, not too traditional and not white.

It was indeed a wonderful experience. We were welcomed by a very professional and super friendly team that made the visit very enjoyable! Furthermore, they had a very wide selection of dresses, from classic to very modern, wide gowns to stylish bodycon that helped me to in the selection.

As I was very pleased with the whole dress experience, I went back to Morgan and Davies to also try hair accessories. They had a great array of options and again they were so helpful and understanding, even when I Skype-called my friend Muge in Germany, who was going to do my hair, and, of course, my mum in Italy for the last word.

Our beautiful London bride shares her story about winning her wedding gown and her stunning Italian wedding.

With so much choice at the London store, how did you finally make a decision?

After having considered more than 10 dresses, I finally managed to narrow it down to three.

Katie helped me trying the gowns on and was very attentive and super patient. She asked me for details about my wedding, the venue and the weather. This was so helpful for me to make the final decision.

After trying them, I wanted some time to think with the three dresses. Katie was so kind and hung the gowns in a corner of the boutique, so I could look at them carefully and make my decision.

And then, of course, I decided! It was light, perfect for the weather in August in Italy, not white and very flattering! Exactly like I wanted.

And during the whole long decision process, all the team were wonderful, respectful and very understanding. Priceless customer service!

What advice would you give to a bride-to-be who is searching for their dream dress?

I realised that finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite a long process and isn’t always easy. I think that to avoid any tears or embarrassment and make the wedding dress shopping as fun and easy as possible, I would recommend starting to visualise the type of dress you would like, considering the weather, wedding and personal style.

As I experienced, every bridal showroom works differently, and the experience can vary greatly, however, I would look for an established bridal boutique like Morgan Davies for two reasons: the very wide selection of dresses which can really help you to see yourself in different style and understand which one makes you more comfortable and the welcoming and professional approach that can support you in choosing the right one based on your body shape and wedding season.

Also, I would recommend starting looking reasonable early; six to eight months before the wedding day. I think it’s never too early to start trying on dresses – it gave me an idea of what I liked and what suited me the most.

And when you have found your dream wedding dress, I would recommend that you stop looking! This eliminates the risk of temptation and doubt setting in.

wins wedding dress

That’s really helpful advice, thank you. And finally, what was your favourite part of the whole day?

There are no words to describe the feeling you get walking down the aisle.

As soon as the music started, my beloved song “This must be the place” by Talking Heads, my father took my hand and led me down the aisle to ‘Groomy’. The moment I saw him standing there I held my breath.  Literally, the entire-way-down.

We got to the end of aisle and the celebrant asked, “Who gives this lady to be wed to this man?” My father placed my hand in David’s and said tearily, “I do.”  He kissed me on the forehead, hugged David and said, “It’s my honour.” We all were very emotional at this point.

About the dress

Tiziana chose ‘Patience’ by Maggie Sottero, a stunning tulle sheath wedding dress accented with dainty lace appliqués on the bodice and a delicate Swarovski crystal waist. Finished with sweetheart neckline and corset back closure.

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