Morgan Davies Boutique on Married at First Sight

Whether you think it’s a great idea or not, it’s hard to deny that the latest Channel 4 series, Married at First Sight, isn’t highly watchable. Forcing viewers to question one of the oldest marriage traditions, the series is looking to explore whether scientific metrics can deliver a lasting relationship for the six participants.

The experts featuring on Married at First Sight have matched the couples based on various criteria, including their DNA, physical data and intelligence.

Married At First Sight: Dr Mark Coulsen, Jo Coker, Andrew, Anna Machin and Rev Nick Devenish

Married At First Sight: Dr Mark Coulsen, Jo Coker, Andrew, Anna Machin and Rev Nick Devenish (Photo: Channel 4)

The series, which have seen similar success across the US, Australia, Canada and Denmark, Married at First Sight has produced been some notable successes. Two out of three of the couples that were married on Season 1 of Married at First Sight in the US, have stayed together.

So where do we come in? Well, in case you didn’t notice we were the bridal shop featured on the first episode of Married at First Sight. Here’s a few behind-the-scenes filming shots…

Morgan Davies Bridal Boutique on Married at First Sight. Channel 4.

We just have to say how lovely Emma and Kate were when they came in to our Islington Boutique to try on their wedding gowns. Understandably their bridal gown was going to be one of the most important decisions they make, much like choosing your outfit for a first date! The nerves and apprehension were apparent, but you could tell there was a genuine sense of excitement and to some extent destiny in the way they were talking.

Morgan Davies Bridal Boutique behind-the-scenes filming for Channel 4's Married at First Sight


You could be forgiven for questioning some of the ‘science’ behind the show, as little has been explained or delved into within the first episode. But, putting science to one side for a minute, we’ll be tuning in this Thursday to watch Married at First Sight – it’s just too watchable to miss!

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