Leap Year Proposals

If you are one of the six per cent of ladies looking to take advantage of the leap year and get down on one knee, we’re so excited for you!!

Leap Year Proposals 2016

The tradition of women proposing on February 29 is still very much happening today. A Nationwide Building Society survey revealed that one in 20 women are planning to propose to their partner at some point this year.

Leap year proposals 2016

Legend has it that St. Brigid of Kildare, a fifth-century Irish nun, struck a deal with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, for women to propose marriage every four years. It is believed that this was introduced to try and balance the traditional roles of men and women in a similar way to how the leap day balances the calendar. Women proposing on this day goes back to the times when the leap year was not recognised in English Law. This meant that because the day had no legal status, it was acceptable to break with convention and propose to a man.

We should remember that the world has changed so much since this quirky tradition started, and women are more than capable of proposing on any day of any year if she so wishes – to whoever she wishes.

But, if you’re thinking that 2016 is the year you want to get down on one knee and propose, Brides Magazine  have put together some ideas on how to create perfect leap year proposals.

Not quite ready this year?

Leap Days 2016 – 2028

2016 – Monday

2020 – Saturday

2024 – Thursday

2028 – Tuesday