We’ve seen many wedding day trends come and go over the years but one that gaining year-on-year momentum is couples opting to have their four-legged friends around for the nuptials and reception.

If you have a social media account (of course your do) you’ll have seen four-legged flower girls and ring bearers at weddings across the country. Your wedding day is an expression of you as a couple, your style, your love and ultimately your life together so surely, it’s natural to include the animals you most love on your special day.

Dog-friendly venues

Venues are now actually advertising themselves as pet friendly as well as offering a host of treats on the day of the wedding. From outfits to snacks, flower collars, elegant leads and dog suits, the internet has boomed with catering options for your pet.

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Your dog on your special day

Speaking from experience, my two-year-old Springer x Labrador Hugo is unlikely to sit still for long enough to have his photograph taken. Once he’s ruined an hour of the photographer’s time, he’s probably going to be finding where the food is (not the extra pet snacks we’ve brought in) but the food for the guests and tucking in. Experts recommend that if you are going to bring your dog to your wedding, it should be calm and well-trained. The dog should also have a designated guest to make sure he or she doesn’t distract too much from your special day.


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The verdict

If you ask me, of course I would say that whether you have a Great Dane or Miniature Schnauzer, all should be welcome! But I’m a dog person and appreciate that a few of my friends and future wedding guests might be horrified by the idea. But, it’s my/your special day and I’d want my dog there. And that’s the way this trend is going, so keep a look our for more dog friendly vendors and venues.

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