Brides Beware | Avoid Fake Wedding Dresses Online

We’re sad to say that we’re seeing more and more brides who are being caught out by online scammers when it comes to buying a wedding dress.

Traditionally, the wedding dress process didn’t involve selecting the dress and then clicking ‘Add to basket’, but there are a surprising number of brides who are choosing to buy their wedding dress in this way. Unfortunately, this has now produced a huge number of websites that entice brides to view and purchase counterfeit wedding dresses. This has created a huge amount of uncertainty as to whether that bargain designer wedding gown will be genuine.

If you are taking to the internet in search of your dream wedding dress, here are a few things to look out for

  1. The website

Use your instinct when it comes to reviewing the website. At first, everything may look professional, but overall, fake websites don’t pay as much attention to the address details in the footer, their ‘Contact’, ‘FAQ’ or ‘About’ pages. Make sure you know the returns procedure and where the company is based. These details should match the designer’s stockist list on their website and be full and complete. You will also be able to detect whether the site is selling counterfeit dresses by digging into their privacy policies.

Remember, if you are safely purchasing anything online the URL will be key. If the URL begins with https:// the ‘s’ tells you it is a secure site. You can also check with the designer before you buy as they usually have dedicated teams who try and identify these scam websites.

  1. Online marketplaces

There are some powerful marketplace brands out there where you can buy your wedding dress. Before you go ahead with the transaction, make sure you have thoroughly checked the reviews and information on the seller. At this point, you need to be sceptical and start systematically reading their reviews.

  1. Price

A lot of high street bridal boutiques will have sample sales where you can purchase a designer wedding dress for more than 50% off. However, In a store, you will have the chance to examine the dress carefully, check the label inside and make sure you are completely happy with it before handing over your money. Price can be a reflection on whether a dress is authentic or not. Counterfeiters are starting to sell dresses at just 20% less than the RRP to avoid triggering too much investigation by the bride-to-be. Make sure when you are checking the credentials of the website that you also think about whether that is a realistic price, or simply too good to be true.

We might be biased here, but we would always recommend heading to a high-street boutique in search of your dream dress. Not only do you have the personal and attentive service of an experienced team, but you also have the chance to try the dress on before buying. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and a great opportunity to create memories with your family and friends. If it’s the price of the gown that is making you want to hit the internet, then make sure you check out high street bridal sample sales. They are a great way to find your designer gown at a fraction of the price but without the risk of buying a counterfeit gown.




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