Guest Post | 2017 Groomswear Trends

We speak to many brides-to-be who want to know more about what their man will be wearing on the big day and what options are available to co-ordinate with the entire bridal party. So we thought it was time to turn to the experts to get you some invaluable advice.

That expert is Sharon Cousans from Chimney Formal Menswear in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire. Here’s what Chimney have to say about 2017 groomswear trends.

It is a very welcome change to see grooms taking a serious interest in their wedding suit. They are no longer prepared to be just an accessory to the wedding and prefer to choose a suit and accessories which make them stand apart from the rest of the groomsman’s party. The trends for 2017 are reflecting this change and there are now more opportunities than ever to express their individuality in every aspect of their wedding outfit.

Fashionable fabrics

Tweed is still an exceptionally popular choice for grooms. It’s great for creating a versatile look, and we’ve found many grooms preferring tweed as a way of taking formal wear to a more relaxed level; wearing a tweed waistcoat and a contrasting suit. The tweed doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t have to be a matching three-piece. What we are predicting for next year is a lot more mix and match. This includes wearing tweed ties with a smooth wool suit, and a tweed jacket and waistcoat with contrast trousers, rather than a full three-piece tweed suit.MENSWEAR COLLAGE 1


Changes in neckwear

There’s no restriction on what a groom can do with his neckwear, even tradition can be given a modern twist. Bow ties are going to have an even greater resurgence next year. Whether they are worn with just a waistcoat or more formal suits, it’s a brilliant way to express personality and style. There are so many styles, patterns and colours available, making this one of the most exciting trends for 2017.


Traditional morning suits

It’s undeniable that weddings can bring out the rebel or traditionalist in all couples, and that’s so true for our grooms. Next year we expect to see more interest in this classic look, especially black tail coats with contrasting grey stripe trousers for that truly quintessentially English wedding look.

A groom’s silhouette

Slim and skinny suits have been a mainstay of high street formal wear for the last few years, and whilst this is very unlikely to change next year, we are finding that skinny suits don’t give the best silhouettes. For the athletic torso, this style is unsuitable, it doesn’t allow for movement and won’t give the best lasting pictures from your big day. In the coming months, we anticipate a demand for slimmer, but not skinny suits. This is because grooms are choosing quality fabrics over a combination with stretch.


If you haven’t already visited Chimney Formal Menswear, we recommend that you pay them a visit. It’s the type of menswear shop that we know our gorgeous brides-to-be will love.

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