Designer Highlight | Cortana

As the only London stockist for Spanish design house Cortana, we’re really passionate about this unique label. So, it’s time to explain why Cortana could give you the ultimate gown for your wedding day.

Cortana Bridal Gowns available at Morgan Davies London boutique.

Cortana is the fashion label of Spanish designer Rosa Esteva. Born in a small town on the island of Majorca, Rosa formed a strong bond with nature and the arts from a young age. Moving to Barcelona at 18, Rosa studied fine art and fashion design, and shortly after launched Cortana. In 2003, the first store was opened in Barcelona, and her success as a bridal wear designer has rocketed ever since.

Cortana tutu skirt rama cami available at Morgan Davies London boutique.

You can’t fail to be drawn in by the beauty of this entire label. The message is perfectly conveyed by their hashtag #WeLoveWomen, creating gowns for ladies who appreciate quality craftsmanship and a natural carefree look.

The fabrics used within Cortana’s collection (muslin, silk satin, organza, silk lace) are the highest quality and when carefully hand worked, they create elegant silhouettes that combine modern trends with classic silhouettes for a timeless aesthetic.

Cortana Bridal Gowns

Spanish bridal designer, Cortana, available at Morgan Davies London.

In 2012, Cortana was awarded The Best Spanish Designer, and since that time has experienced international success in Europe and Asia.

One of the most beautiful and inspiring parts of this stunning collection is the adoration of the female form. So much thought has been given to what brides really want from their wedding dress. All of the high-quality fabrics and design come together to give ladies a gown that you will feel comfortable wearing, enjoy wearing and when you look back at your wedding pictures with the grandchildren, it will still represent the timeless style.

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