If you want your wedding dress to have an air of 1920’s-inspired ultra-glam style, bridal house Annasul Y should definitely be on your list. One of the most unique bridal brands in our London and Hertfordshire bridal boutiques, we have to say it’s also one of our favourites. Evoking the charm and sensuality from a time gone by, this exciting designer has no problem standing out from the crowd in the 21st century.

Annasul Y SA2743B at Morgan Davies Bridal

About Annasul Y

Founded in 2001 and inspired by the picturesque northern town of Harrogate, Annasul Y has taken plenty of inspiration from the local surroundings. Combining the peace and serenity of the nearby Yorkshire Dales with the vibrant atmosphere of the lively town, it’s this blend of two worlds that is the theme of Annasul Y’s dresses. Instantly recognisable by the elegant designs and exceptional workmanship, these dresses marry vintage demureness with a modern eccentricity

Annasul Y SA2986B at Morgan Davies Hitchin and London

Managing to encapsulate the elegance and charm of yesteryear whilst placing a huge focus on quality and fit, it’s the boldness and willingness to stand-out from the crowd that has made Annasul Y so popular with those brides searching for a non-traditional look. With an innovative use of fabrics and creative beading, Annasul Y ensures brides are able to walk down the aisle in a dress that everyone is going to remember.

Annasul Y SA3083B from Morgan Davies Bridal