It’s the big day – here’s our top tips

Before you put on your wedding dress, here's our top tips for the big day.

Finally, the big day has arrived! After many months of planning and shopping you’re more than ready to finally put on your wedding dress. But there’s a few things you need to remember to do before you get dressed.

Eat and drink

You don’t want any embarrassing tummy rumbles while you’re saying those all-important vows. Also, there’s a lot of emotion to deal with on your big day, and the last thing you need is a dizzy faint spell. Our advice to to make sure you take the time to enjoy your breakfast or lunch before putting your gown on.

Show some love

You’ve invested a lot of time and emotion into finding your perfect wedding dress, so before you put it on, make sure you show it some love, ask a bridesmaid to give it a steam to get out some of the creases and lines that might have appeared during transport. If you don’t have time for steaming, then we’d recommend hanging the dress with the train spread out for a couple of days before the wedding.

Make-up, hair and moisturise

The last thing you want to do is get any last-minute stains or marks on your wedding dress, so make sure all your moisturizing and make-up is fixed with time to spare. The last thing you want to add to your stunning satin gown is a large greasy mark because your moisturizer isn’t quite dry.

If something does go wrong and you’re left with a mark on your dress, don’t fear, the internet is your saviour – there’s plenty of tips out there.

Twirl girl, twirl

This is your wedding day. Make sure you’ve got pictures of you and your bridal party getting ready. One of those shots we particularly love at Morgan Davies is your wedding dress hanging alone in your venue. Don’t forget to get pictures of your wedding shoes and accessories, too.

Visit the ladies

Often brides need some help making a bathroom trip, so it’s vital that you make a quick visit before you get dressed. It might sound a little simple, but you don’t want to get halfway down the aisle and get an urge to visit the ladies.

Have a stretch

It doesn’t matter how much energy you have in the morning, by your first dance, the chances are you will feel like you’ve run a mini marathon, so doing a few stretches will help your muscles or the rest of the day.