7 mistakes to avoid when wedding dress shopping

7 mistakes to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress


Before you begin your wedding dress journey, we’ve highlighted a few bridal shopping blunders for you to avoid.

  1. Shopping too early for your wedding dress

If you haven’t set a date or looked at the venue, then choosing a wedding dress is very difficult. There are so many parts of your big day that will ultimately impact the gown that you choose. For example, your venue is likely to determine the type of embellishments and detailing of your dress, a gown with too much detailing could look out of place at a beach ceremony.

The main reason a bridal shop will ask you for your wedding date is so they know your timeline and can suggest appropriate dresses. Most designers will take four to eight months to make a wedding gown, so knowing your dates is key. Also, you don’t want to shop too early and miss some of the latest collections from your favourite designer.

  1. Bringing the entire bridal party and more

You are about to make arguably the most important decision for your big day, and too many opinions are not always helpful and can make it so much harder to reach a decision. It’s so important to just bring one or two people with you whose opinions you really trust and value

      3.  Forgetting your budget

Before you start shopping you’ll inevitably have a budget in mind, and it’s really important to stick to it. Bridal consultants will be able to advise you on the best styles and designers for your budget, so don’t be tempted to try on a dress that you can’t afford. You’ll think there’s no harm in trying on the dress, just for fun. But, what if you fall in love with it and no other dress will compare? It’s not worth the disappointment, don’t do it.

You should also remember to factor in the costs of alterations in to your overall dress budget. Depending on how many changes need to be made, you could add several hundred pounds to the overall costs.

  1. Taking too many pictures

Firstly, the way your dress looks when the picture is taken on a smartphone is not necessarily representative of what it actually looks like in reality. Also, you don’t want the picture posted accidentally online or to be sent to the wrong person. For copyright reasons designers often don’t allow pictures to be taken of the dresses, so our advice is to bring along your trusted friends for their opinion.

  1. Listening to you head and not your heart

At Morgan Davies, we meet brides-to-be who are concerned about picking a dress that will look classic and timeless when they look through their wedding album in 25 years time. But, you’re not buying a dress for those photos, you’re buying a dress for one very special day. You might choose a design-led gown that’s very on-trend, but that’s OK, you’ll remember how special you felt on that day.

  1. Thinking too much about the size

Wedding dresses usually run one or two sizes smaller than the clothes you will buy from the high street, so don’t think about the number, just concentrate on the fit. If you are thinking about losing weight before the big day, then it’s key to be realistic with what you think you will achieve. A dress can always be taken in for you if you do lose weight, but there is more work involved to increase the size of the dress.

 7. Buying a dress that you don’t love

You’ve probably dreamt about your wedding gown for years, so why compromise on your dreams? Yes, as we’ve mentioned before, you have to consider your budget, but there are so many designers out there with such beautiful collections so don’t settle early on in the looking phase.

Choosing the right people to come with you wedding dress shopping will really help, you don’t want to be influenced too much by strong opinions. Equally, if you encounter a particularly pushing sales assistant, something you won’t find at our Morgan Davies stores, just remember that it’s OK to go home and think about it.

Here’s some more top tips from our in-house expert Jane Shorten on finding your dream dress.