How to be successful at a bridal sample sale


Morgan Davies Sample Sale

Firstly, a wedding dress sample sale is as simple as it sounds – a bridal boutique is selling their sample dresses. In this article, we’re going to help you navigate your way to get the most from a sample sale without having to use those pointy elbows.

Brits just LOVE a sale. So, you’re thinking this might be the best way to find your dream dress at a bargain price, right? Perhaps not – you are looking to buy a gown that will live for decades in photographs and videos of your special day, so it’s not a decision you are going to want to rush in to. But, if you’ve got tight finances, sample sales are a great way to stretch your wedding budget.

If you are thinking about attending any sample sales this year, we’ve prepared a list to help you prepare and succeed.

  1. Preparation

Bridal shops, especially in London, get very busy and crowded during a sale, so expect to see (or be part of) a queue outside the shop. Find out about the local area, and if there’s anywhere you can go for a drink and a bite to eat especially if you’re attending an autumn/winter sale.

  1. Your wedding dress journey

If you have just started your search for the dream dress, this may not be the event for you. To be successful, brides-to-be will already have a clear idea of the style and fit of the dress they want and perhaps have been trying on gowns just a few weeks prior. Sample Sales are aimed at those who know exactly what dress they want, rather than those still uncertain about what they are looking for.

  1. Beat the crowds

Find out whether your bridal shop manages a sample sale with appointments or open doors. At Morgan Davies London, you will need an appointment for our bridal sample sale, so please call us on 0207 253 3007 to book your 1 hour time sale consultation. There is a fee payable of £30

  1. Underwear

You will be limited to the number of dresses you can try on, and possibly the time you have in the changing room, so it’s important to make sure you are wearing nude well-fitting underwear that will not distract your eye from the wedding dress.

  1. Sizing

Most of the dresses will be available in a size 10, 12 or 14. Alterations can be carried out on most of the dresses to achieve a good fit, but do remember that it is more complicated and costly to alter a dress more than one or two sizes, especially if it needs letting out. At Morgan Davies Bridal, we can provide a list of our preferred seamstresses who can provide alternations to your gown. You should budget this into the cost of your dress, and we would estimate around £250 – £500 for standard alterations.

  1. Making the decision

We would recommend bringing one trusted relative or friend with you to reduce the pressure and confusion on you, as well as ensuring you avoid having too many opinions that might cloud your judgement. If you’ve found the right dress for you, then buy it! If you leave to go and have a think about it, the chances are that dress won’t be there when you come back to buy it. When you purchase your dress, be prepared to pay the entire sum and take it away with you on the day.

Morgan Davies Bridal Upcoming Bridal Sample Sales

Saturday 25th January 2020 – Luxury Designer Sample Sale – Call 0207 253 3007 to book your appointment