Five Reasons To Buy A Sale Dress

You can spend months and possibly even years searching for ‘the one’. Oh no, we’re not talking about the groom, we’re talking about your wedding dress. But what if time constraints prevent you from that luxury? Or you know what you want, but it’s not suiting your budget?

Good news! This month, our Hitchin boutique is holding a designer wedding dress sale. You may have previously read our advice on how to prepare for your day of bargain hunting, but you may be thinking first: why should I buy a sale dress?

1. You are getting married in the next six months 

If you couldn’t wait a moment longer to say ‘I do’ then a sale presents the perfect timeline for buying a dress. Take the last-minute wedding weights off your shoulder and consider a quick purchase. Dresses are ready to go once they have been tried on and purchased, so you could pop into see us in the morning and be married in the dress by the afternoon! Should you require any alterations we have a full team of seamstresses at your disposal.

Laila By Rosa Clara Now £750














 2. You want a designer dress for less money

You’ve browsed countless Pinterest boards and magazines, admiring bridal favourites such as ANNA KARA and ROSA CLARA. But, as every bride’s budget is different, you think that you won’t be able to afford a designer dress for your wedding. You might as well not… WAIT! The good news is, you can.

The current sale in our Hitchin boutique has industry-adored designer dresses with a budget-friendly price range between £400-£900. Yes, really, you can get a designer bridal dress for under £1,000.


Keilan By Anna Kara Now £900















3. You have different priorities for your wedding fund

How you wish your guests will remember your wedding day is a huge consideration when it comes to spending the all-important budget. From smaller details like gifting each guest with a mini wedding cake, to high roller ideas like jetting everyone off to the Maldives for a week, the possibilities are simply endless.

So, if saving on other costs helps you to give your guests a day (or week) to remember, then a wedding dress sale is the best place to save money. And the best part is that you’re not compromising on the quality of the dress or service.

4. You can’t resist a bargain

Let’s be honest here… We all LOVE a good bargain! Especially when your saving results in owning a beautifully designed gown that you discovered was on sale completely unexpectedly. It’s best to attend sample sales, even if you’re not looking for a last-minute purchase.

We’ll let you decide if you want to secretly whisper the price to surprised friends and family when they can’t help but compliment your look.

Anaelle By Atelier Emelia Now £900














5. You don’t want to wait for your dress to be ordered and arrive

We know the feeling of trying something on and instantly falling in love. So, it’s even harder to meet the dress of your dreams and have to be parted right away. While the ordering process is a must for some, if you have found the perfect dress, then why walk away empty handed?

Our Team is Here to Help

While you may be saving on costs, you shouldn’t have to miss out on an excellent bridal experience. On your visit to our Hitchin boutique, you will receive the full consideration and care given to all customers, while we assist you in finding a truly unique dress.

If you would like to book an appointment, contact us on 01462 432889 today or drop us an email here  Sale starts on the 1st May. Dresses are sold on a first come first served basis.

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