Expert Advice: Shopping for your Wedding Dress



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When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

Start thinking of choosing your dress about 8 months to a year before the wedding if you can.  Any sooner and you could find that you miss out on the newer collections.  As so many other aspects of your wedding can evolve from your choice of dress (accessories, bridesmaids, flowers, grooms outfit, maybe even the cake and decoration of your reception venue) it’s a good idea to make it one of the first items that you choose.


Will I need to make an appointment?

Most bridal shops will work on an appointment only basis and in Morgan Davies this will give you at least one hour of uninterrupted time with a knowledgeable bridal consultant. 


Should I know what I want before I try on dresses?

When making your appointment on the telephone, tell the consultant as much as you can about what you want and the style of the wedding.  If you don’t know, don’t worry!  Take along any pictures you find appealing but keep an open mind.  Until you try on dresses it’s very hard to know what will be right. 


Who should I take with me to the appointment?

If you take anybody with you on your first appointment make it a trusted friend or relative!  Too many opinions about what YOU should wear is confusing and unhelpful.  Remember, the choice is YOURS!  Also keeping your choice of dress a secret all helps with the surprise element on the day.


What if I want to lose some weight before looking for my wedding dress?

If you are planning to lose weight for your wedding, don’t leave it too long before you go looking for your dress, otherwise it may not be possible to get some dresses in time.  Here at Morgan Davies we have lots of tricks we can use to make the samples look good on you, whatever your size.  Please don’t be self-conscious, we are here to help you whatever your size and shape.


Should I wear special underwear when going to try on dresses?

At Morgan Davies we will provide you with a suitable basque to try on under the dresses.  This will help greatly with the fit and look of the gowns and will make you feel fantastic.  Otherwise wearing pale or flesh coloured underwear will always help with the look. Ask your bridal consultant for guidance with underwear, they have a wealth of knowledge that you can take advantage of.


How long will my wedding dress take to come in once it is ordered?

Delivery times can vary according to the designer and the time of year, however most dresses will take anything from 12 – 24 weeks.  Some designers offer a ‘Rush Service’ where a dress can come in quicker if you are pressed for time.  There is usually a charge for this.


Are alterations included in the cost of the wedding dress?

Some shops will include alterations within the cost of the dress, some will offer a package of alterations for a set price, and some will charge for alterations on an individual basis based on the dress and what needs to be done.  Always ask how alterations are to be paid for in each shop and make sure you are clear what is involved before ordering your dress.


How will I pay for the wedding dress?

Most shops will require a deposit to be paid before the dress is ordered, often 50 per cent, and then the balance to be paid when the dress is received.  Many also offer the opportunity to pay in instalments if that is easier for you.  Always ask what is on offer at each shop.


Will you store the wedding dress for me?

Here at Morgan Davies we will keep the dress for you until you want to take it for your wedding.  The dress is insured whilst it is with us, although it is always a good idea to take out bridal insurance for your wedding in general.

 If you are ready to start looking for your perfect wedding dress, click here to request an appointment.