GUEST POST: How To Choose Seasonal Blooms

Once you have a vision for your wedding day you can start piecing together the details that make it a reality. Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your wedding decor and can also make up a big part of your budget. To get the freshest florals at a modest price, opt for choosing flowers that are in-season.

Why Choose Seasonal Flowers?

All flowers have a blooming season where they reach their best blooms and are at their highest quality. Florists and local vendors can get these seasonal flowers at a decent price because they are more widely available than out-of-season florals. That price break is then passed on to you.

If you’re hesitant about the variety of in-season flowers, have no fear. There are many colours and shapes to choose from. No matter which season your wedding is in, there are beautiful options for both seasonal and year-round blooms.

To help you identify seasonal flowers for your big day, Zola created this seasonal blooming guide. It’s important to keep in mind that weather patterns can affect the blooms so stay in touch with your florist as your day approaches to make sure your planned flowers are available.

Spring Florals

Spring blooms like the poppy, peony, daisy, and hydrangea all feature lush shapes and beautiful pastel colours. Perfect for spring weddings and events, these softer colours are elegant and romantic.

Summer Florals

The bold sunflower and bright zannia are examples of the warm summer blooms available. However, softer flowers like the dahlia and spray rose offer a balance to bolder colours. Warm things up with an exuberant summer bouquet or centrepiece.

Autumn Florals

Beautiful reds and purples light up the Autumn season and elevate any floral arrangement. Unique shapes like that of the protea and blue delphinium bring an exotic feel while classic chrysanthemums and cone flowers provide wide bloom shapes.

Winter Florals

Winter flowers are all about deep jewel tones like that of the hellebores and poinsettia. These seasonal blooms are beautiful and dramatic.

Year-Round Florals

Roses and baby’s breath are two of the most popular choices for flowers because their year-round availability means they are accessible and easier on the budget. However, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty with these year-round blooms.

Need A Florist?

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