GUEST POST: Advice On Choosing Wedding Flowers

When it comes to choosing a wedding florist for your big day, where does a bride-to-be even start? With what can feel like hundreds of ideas to choose from, a little guidance is always welcome. So, let our latest guest blogger help:

Meet Maxine Barker, wedding florist extraordinaire who has passed on her best tips for picking your wedding day flowers.

Advice on Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing a florist can be a mixture of daunting and excitement. Having the right person for the job will make this whole process much easier, as well as hopefully exceeding any expectations that you have.

Some brides will know exactly what they want while others may be undecided. Either way, we’re here to help and guide you through the process.

Know Your Budget

Budget, like any part of the wedding, plays a big part in this process. A good florist will be able to look at your requirements and give you a realistic answer as to whether all what has been requested is possible. If not, your florist will always be able to suggest other styles, ideas and designs that would work better with your budget.

Check What’s ‘In Season’

A key part to this will be flower choice and availability. Keep in mind something that is seasonally available around the time of your wedding is likely to be less costly than something out of season. Imported flowers will add additional costs that could be avoided with some planning.

Finding Your Dream Flowers

Choosing a style and colour scheme has never been easier, with new Pinterest boards popping up every day, putting all your ideas together in one place. These certainly help the creative process, but there are external factors that you’ll need to consider, aside from finding flowers you love:

  • The bride’s dress style/colour
  • The groom’s suit
  • Venue space (Taller vases needed for a high ceiling!)

Swatches of the dress fabric help to determine the exact shade of colour you have in mind. Pinks, for example, vary greatly, while blues look closer to purple in flower terms.

Trends Take Time

If you have a theme in mind or are following a trend, be aware that huge elaborate decor will bring with it a significant cost due to the capacity of flowers needed to fill large arrangements. And, the labour involved to build flower walls or freestanding arrangements is timely. While a florist can create such items, the time involved will be reflected in the cost.

And, most importantly…

Booking a consultation should be right at the top of your to-do list. Being able to talk through ideas and have new concepts or other interpretations of your ideas put forward is always key to having something created that is unique and truly bespoke to you.

Maxine is part of the wonderfully creative team at Town Garden in Hitchin. Visit them in store down Sun Street or on their website, here. 

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