Your First Bridal Appointment

Congratulations! If you’re reading this then you have already booked an appointment at either our London or Hertfordshire boutique. This is here to help ensure your first appointment is completely stress-free and the best start you could possibly have at the beginning of this exciting journey. Let’s get started.


At Morgan Davies Bridal we can provide you with a suitable basque to try on under the gowns. This isn’t always the right option for all of the dresses – so, we would encourage you to choose nude, comfortable and well-fitting underwear for your first appointment. If during your fitting, you would like some extra guidance with underwear, be sure to ask your bridal consultant – they have a wealth of knowledge for you to take advantage of.


It’s important that you feel fabulous for your first fitting, and we understand that makeup is a key part of that. We don’t have a policy but would politely ask that you avoid heavy foundation or lipstick as it can, on occasion, mark the dresses.


 For our designers’ protection and copyright, we ask that you don’t take pictures in the boutique.


If you take anybody with you on your first appointment, make it a trusted friend or relative. Too many opinions about what YOU should wear is confusing and unhelpful.  Remember, the choice is YOURS!   Also, keeping your choice of dress a secret all helps with the surprise element on the day. In our London boutique, we have seating for two to three guests. In Hitchin, we advise a maximum of two.

Your appointment time

We are often fully-booked, which means it is really important for you to arrive on-time for your appointment. All our bridal consultants want to spend as much time as possible with you as possible to find your perfect wedding dress.

If you have any questions about your first appointment, please get in touch with us either by email, phone or social media. We’ve also added lots of helpful articles from industry experts; wedding planners, florists, beauty and nutritionists, to our website for you to take a look through at your leisure.

Wishing you a fabulous first appointment to find your dream dress!

Love from the team at Morgan Davies Bridal.