Falbala is a wedding gown in two parts.  The dress is a beautiful column of Georgette embellishes with tiny petals over the bodice.  And a soft circular skirt scattered with small flowers to match the bodice. This also creates the full train of the dress. So here are two looks with one bridal outfit.


For more than 40 years, the story of love and passion crafted by our designers and pattern makers. Cymbeline workshops are recognisable for their exceptional expertise and a constantly renewed creativity. A French base does not prevent international positioning and a presence on worldwide catwalks.

Cymbeline is unquestionably one of the leaders of the bridal industry in Europe with excellent images of unrivalled expertise.

Cymbeline is present in some of the largest bridal stores, exhibiting their new 2019 collection at all the international bridal shows including. Symphony of experience and French elegance, delicate lace, rustling taffeta and trimmings, captivating and intoxicating silk that captures our emotions. The silk threads of bridal laces and embroidery threads for the evening gowns all came together for this new collection.

The secrets of the silk cocoons were hidden so the finest of fabrics could be presented to the emperor of China. An Indian princess before her wedding refused to share the secret, hid the precious cocoons in her hair, defying& forbidden by royalty so gave her secret of Seres. The Legend of Love could begin…

Without frame or chain, but with a soul, we saw lace from Venice, the city of Love.

FALBALA is available in our Hitchin store.

Available in our Hitchin Store
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