While there are a lot of marriage proposals that come completely out of the blue, there is a chance you might have an inkling the big question is coming your way soon. Whether a friend has let slip or if your partner has begun to broach the subject, if you think a proposal is coming there are some steps you should be taking.

Expecting a proposal

  1. Enquire about venues

While we’re not saying you should be booking a church the moment your boyfriend doesn’t instantly start sweating when the topic of a wedding is discussed, it certainly doesn’t hurt to start making some casual enquires with regards to venues – which can often be booked up to a year or more in advance. Even if you don’t plan on getting married right away, you want to know your dream venue is available.

  1. Plan your dress

You might want to avoid falling in love with a particular dress before you’ve actually been proposed to, it’s definitely worth deciding on a certain style of gown you want for your special day. It’s likely you’ll have a decent idea of what your dream wedding dress will look like, but if you head to morgandaviesbridal.co.uk you can explore some of the industry’s most exciting designers and latest trends. You may also want to start a Pinterest board for some inspiration and to get your ideas all in one place.  Have a look at our Pinterest advice.

  1. The ring

First off, you want to get your ring finger sized. At some point, it’s likely you’re going to be asked the size of your ring finger, and knowing it will help you avoid being presented with a ring that is either too big or two small. Most will have an idea of their dream engagement and wedding ring, be it styles or certain diamonds, so make sure you drop hints to your intended – just to help them along.

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  1. Relax

Rather than get yourself all worked up before being asked the big question, try your hardest to stay calm and not build it up too much. As well as causing you undue anxiety, relaxing and going with the flow will stop you from feeling disappointed or let down if the proposal doesn’t end up being quite as magical as those Disney films have made it out to be.

  1. Make sure they know

Whether it’s the importance of asking your parents’ permission or having the moment photographed, if there are certain aspects of the proposal that are important to you, make sure your partner is aware of them. Ideally, this is a once in a lifetime moment, so you really want it to go to plan, for both you and them. And, girls, occasionally our men need a little point in the right direction, am I right?